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How long did you take to study PMP?

The Project Management Professionals are known to be the certified project managers. If you want to become a PMP, you may know that it is important to clear an exam for this purpose? Interested individuals have lots of questions in their minds regarding this exam. They want to know if the exam is difficult to pass. How should they prepare for it? And how long should they study for it?

About PMP

PMP exam demonstrates that the individual is experienced, educated and competent enough to lead and direct different projects. The PMI project management salary survey shows that this certification has impacted the salaries of managers positively.

There are a lot of sources available for the preparation of this exam. There are some methods that are to be adopted in order to prepare and then successfully pass the exam. A common question that many candidates ask from the ones who have cleared the exam is “How long did you take to study PMP?”

Time given to prepare for the examination matters a lot. But along with that, the study material is important too. You will have to consult different sources for the preparation.

Book to refer for studying

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is a book that is often recommended to prepare for project management. The best thing about this resource book is that the PMP exam is based on all of the information provided within. So, it’s essential for you to study from this book in order to prepare for the exam. If a candidate is not aware of the basics of project management then it would become difficult for him/her to prepare for this exam.

How long to study for PMP?

Usually, it takes 3 to 12 weeks to study PMP. In order to prepare for this exam, the candidates are required to make a schedule. It is not easy to prepare for PMP overnight and pass it in the first attempt. If you ever ask any PMP certified about the time they used to give to studying then they will obviously tell they devoted many hours each day. Even if you give 2 hours to study each day, it would be enough.

If you didn’t give enough time to study PMP, you are definitely not going to pass the exam in the first attempt because these aren’t like our school or college exams. They are based on critical working scenarios that require some deep thinking to answer correctly. It will be a waste of money to prepare for the exam overnight and hope to pass. If you truly wish to pass, along with gathering the right study material, it is recommended to give proper time to each topic covered in the exam. You must make a study schedule and be sure that you honestly follow it.  Then passing would not be a big deal. Once you have the certification in hand, you will get a chance to validate your skills. The PMP certification will be valid for 3 years after you receive it.

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