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Vendor: PMI
Certifications: Program Management Professional
Exam Name: Program Management Professional
Exam Code: PgMP
Total Questions: 342

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Question: 6

Your company and a competing company have created a teaming agreement for an opportunity.
Through this team agreement you and your competitor can complete a major program for a client.
This is, technically, a risk response for both organizations. What type of risk response are you dealing with in this instance?

A. Teaming
B. Exploiting
C. Accepting
D. Sharing

Answer: D
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Question: 7

A project manager in your program has estimated the cost of a program to be $145,000. As the project manager’s project comes close to completion, the project manager realizes that he has still $27,876 left in his project budget. He decides to add some additional features to the project’s deliverables in an effort to use the remaining budget. These additions will add value to the project and the project customer is likely to enjoy these new features. This is an example of what term?

A. Gold plating
B. Errors and omissions
C. Expert judgment by the project manager
D. Value added change

Answer: A

Question: 8

Andy is the program manager of the HQN Program. This program is nearing its completion and there is still $25,000 left in the program budget. Andy has asked the program team to identify some extra deliverables that can be included in the program scope to improve the program deliverable but also to use all of the funds in the budget. What term is assigned to the actions that Andy is trying to do in this instance?

A. Value-added change requests
B. Zero based budgeting
C. Integrated change control
D. Gold plating

Answer: D

Question: 9

What analysis type could you use in a program to compare the positive stakeholders and their position, power, and influence over your program to the same variable components of the negative stakeholders in your program?

A. Sensitivity analysis
B. Stakeholder analysis
C. Monte Carlo simulation
D. Force field analysis

Answer: D

Question: 10

You are the program manager of the BHG Program. One of the projects in your program will be using new materials that are somewhat untested. You are worried that there may be delays and waste because the project team is unaware of how to accurately use these materials. You elect to send the people that will be using the new materials through training on how to complete their project work. You also allow them to purchase some of the materials to experiment on their use before the actual project work is to be done. You want to ensure that mistakes do not enter into the project. What type of action have you provided in this scenario?

A. This is an example of a preventive action.
B. This is an example of team development.
C. This is an example of quality assurance.
D. This is an example of a corrective action.

Answer: A

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