Professional in Project Management (PPM) – PPM-001 Exam


Project management has become the key to success in public and private sectors. Organizations achieve their goals through effective projects whose main concern is to achieve the scope, cost and schedule. The intricacy of work makes it more demanding for project manager to attain different certifications that can substitute their skills.

Key Objectives:

This exam focuses on the tools and techniques of project management, and the processes to apply that on current working situations.

Modules in the Examination:

Following are the key areas that will be tested by the exam.

  • Module 1: Project Management Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Project Management Training
  • Module 3: Intermediate Project Management
  • Module 4: Effective Planning & Scheduling
  • Module 5: Advanced Project Management
  • Module 6: Team Building
  • Module 7: Building Better Teams
  • Module 8: Risk Management
  • Module 9: Crisis Management
  • Module 10: Time Management
  • Module 11: Leadership Skills
  • Module 12: Self-Leadership
  • Module 13: Communication Strategies
  • Module 14: Knowledge Management

Target Audience:

This examination is for new managers and the one who want to become manager in future. Moreover, the new supervisors from technical and non- technical professions such as telecommunications, information technology, environmental technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, can also opt for this certification course.


The cost of Professional in Project Management (Exam Code: PPM-001) is $100. The cost, however, changes from location to location. In addition, it does not include any taxes. A call to the country representative before the imitation of the registration process is recommended. As it will enable the candidates to get authentic information about the costs of the exam.


Preparing for the exam is one critical task. If you want to ace the preparation, the get your preparation material from Project Management Experts.

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