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Salary Report of Certified Project Management Professionals (2011–2013)

There is no denying the fact that in today’s world of cut throat competition obtaining specializations and certifications has evolved as the need of the hour. Well, the field of the project management is no different and according to the stats the career of the certified project management professionals has been noted to be most lucrative ones.  This is clearly evident from the fact that in the recent past, the terms like certified project management have become the hot words of domestic vocabulary and its popularity as a career option has been soaring an all time high.

As a matter of fact there are a numerous titles and niches which fall under the field of project management that can enable you to fetch a high-end salary comprehensively which easily ranges over $90,000 mark annually. Not only that but a project management certification can  also prove to be a quite instrumental means to  give a head start to one’s career.

Rather, being a specialist assures in this filed certainly assures that you will earn a nice six-figure salary within at least five years. Now, it can be further justified in a better way after taking the Salary Report of Certified Project Management (PM) Professionals (2013–2011) into consideration. Further exploring it is learnt from a survey report that even during the time (2010) when the whole world was reeling the under clutches of recession, historic unemployment, the project managers across the globe were still optimistic about their salaries and rightly so.

Since 2011 most of the project managers everywhere have undoubtedly faired a lot better than their counterparts as they have acquired a 53 % hike in their salaries.  For instance the certified project management professionals have been making over 100,000 salaries an year in countries like Germany, Australia and the United States. They are held in charge for the entire life time of the project and they have a say in every aspect of the project. Apart from that it is their headache to extract quality and productive work from the available workforce to complete the process as well as exercise profound knowledge of what it takes to get the project off the ground and finish it.

Then training along with project management certification helps you inculcate the knack of multi-tasking by managing the projects and teams simultaneously along with keeping up the level of communication.  Then off course, carrying out the risk management in order to safeguard the organisation from any potential harm or crisis is also their genre.  Also effectively caching on new opportunities, proactively introducing fresh strategies and keeping deadlines under check is also their task.

So, coming back to the PMI’s salary survey it suggests that project management professionals earn in accordance to a plethora of variables which comprises of their title, educational background, the department they work in, their industry, nature of project they work on (e.g. construction, IT, R&D) and ender. In the nutshell, it can be aptly concluded that being a certified project management professional will always prove to be beneficial to you by all means. Firstly, the certification enables you to command a reasonably higher salary (as has been discussed earlier in the salary report of Certified Project Management Professionals). It also speaks volumes about the professional’s expertise, knowledge and his calibre as an effective leader. Last but not the least, the survey data from 2013-2011depicts that the longer project management professionals hold PMI’s PMP certification, their salary bars are raised too.

Some stats are listed below for reference

Less than 1 year: $86,000
1 to 5 years: $100,000
5 to 10 years: $108,206
10 to 20 years: $118,000


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Project Management


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